Eel Girl

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wow :-) . ,,,.....
By cuttiebabez5 years ago
more videos!!! ..i feel lonely though.. heh
By cutepayalsaxena5 years ago
Dude with the glasses was like "Yeah, if I take my eyes of my retarded colleague, he's gonna try and bone our test subject. No, seriously, navy-girl, this guy cannot be left alone for more than ten seconds without putting his dick in something. I'm not sure why he isn't trying to bone you -right now-. Are you even listening to me-ooohhh, that's a gun. Fine. Didn't like the tosser anyways."
Then the eel-chick is like "Delicious moron. If I act lusty for maybe 12 seconds, I get a free lunch. Heck yes. Hey, lonelyguy~ I'm hungry for you!"
and then the guy just... is completely predictable and then made edible.
Fun, though.
By TheObserver125 years ago
Alex Curran
Awesome vid. anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? !..,,,,
By Alex Curran5 years ago
Alex Curran
you are? so funny btw check out my pics!! ..!..,,,,
By Alex Curran5 years ago
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