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Smith Ballew was an excellent singer who worked with the most diverse jazz and dance bands (Ben Pollack, the Dorsey Brothers...); when the Depression struck very harshly, he could no longer perform as a member of other bands, and founded several bands under his own name, before returning to the Dorsey Orchestra and a little later joning the Glenn Miller Orchestra. This cheerful and sweet record (however featuring a great jazzy coda) was made in 1929. Ballew himself interpreted the vocal refrain. further personnel included: Jack Purvis-t / Wally Curtis-Lyle Bowen-cl-as / Babe Russin-ts / Bruce Yantis-vn / Bobby Van Eps-p / Dick McDonough-bj-g / Prob. Ward Lay-b / Dee Orr-d. This delightful record was made in 1931.

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So glad you loved this great Smith performance.
Par kspm0220s Il y a 6 ans
Lovable LOU, I do love MY WOLFMAN! :-) and I love EXQUISITE ELMER.
I have enought LOVE for all MY LOVES.
Par Genia Il y a 6 ans
Yes,I bet you love the WOLFMAN too.What about poor EXQUISITE ELMER?
Par Lou Il y a 6 ans
I love SMITH! Thanks.
Par Genia Il y a 6 ans
Bostonblakie, you said it right, see the comments below :-)
Par kspm0220s Il y a 6 ans
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