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    Lego Pac Man - The Movie

    Michael Inglis

    by Michael Inglis

    54 792 views
    Note: This is a stand alone trailer. It will never be made into a real film.

    Ok, firstly, I'd like to say a huge thanks to Scott Gairdner for letting me use the audio, titles and the idea from his movie. If you haven't already seen it, watch it here -

    Now, where do I start... I have spent a LOT of time on After Effects with this film, it took ages just to put the Ghosts in, nevermind Explode them and make them look ill with power pellets... I've tried to do make the camera angles appear more realistic with moving it and zooming in on AE. The lowest framerate was 13 FPS and the highest 25 (For the running).

    I'm really sorry Pac-Man's helmet isn't 100% yellow, It was the closest I had.

    Anyways, If you're still reading this, as most people have probably lost interest with me going on about a program, I hope you enjoy it :P