Michael Inglis

Hi, I'm Michael Inglis.

I make animations with LEGO. Most of them are based around Star Wars, but I've done Zelda, Pac-Man and several other different themes. I intend to start "Zelda II" after "The Last Stand".

I've come into some problems in editing Last Stand, bits are taking me longer than intended, and some programs aren't working... I am working on it though! ;-)

"The Last Stand" will have a worldwide release on both Dailymotion and YouTube. I was intending it to be a Dailymotion exclusive, however, due to the massive delay, I feel it is only fair for Subscribers from both sites to get it at the same time! :-)


Thats beneficial...
Last year by dm_51dfcbfec3f6c
Thats really good...
Last year by dm_51dfcbfec3f6c
Michael Inglis
The Last Stand Coming January 1st! :D
5 years ago by Michael Inglis
salut c'est tomtheboboss tu es daccord de rentrer dans mon groupe les dysanos?
5 years ago by tm

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