Lego Zelda

Michael Inglis
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This non-canon film is based several years after "The Ocarina Of Time".

Ganondorf has escaped from the Evil Realm, and has stolen the three spirital stones from the Temple of Time. Link must go and get them back.

I know its a weak storyline but I put a few fight scenes, lots of sound effects and a Poe getting pasted by link.

This video was Featured on the main page of Dailymotion. It got 40,000 views in 24 hours.

I'm sorry about the horrific grammar, I wasn't too fussed about it around the time I made it... Bleugh.

Sequel Coming soon!

A big thank you to -
For the Zelda sound effects! :-)

Hylian shield decal here -



That was really funny! ..i feel lonely though.. ..
By cutybaby123 4 years ago
your vids are fucking awesome ..i feel lonely though.. ^-^.
By sofia belle 4 years ago
Hey Man, you are a fu*kin' genius!!!!!!! Greetings from Italy.? btw check out my pics!! ..!.....
By angeilbabe677 4 years ago
You must get bad bi*ches! chat with me! ?!.....
By Alex Curran 4 years ago
Awesome vid. anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? !.....
By Alex Curran 4 years ago
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