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    Psyguy's Sonic X abridged guest voices+Bastardized Bloopers

    Guy Incognito

    by Guy Incognito

    I've convinced Psyguy from the Bastardized video series to provide his own voice for my own Sonic X abridged series. Here's a special preview.

    I also decided to make some bloobers of my own with the Bastardized cast. They include a little something for the TailsxCosmo fans as well. Mostly though, the whole thing was a way for me to practice with Sony Vegas 6.

    Special thanks to Psy for providing his voice, allowing me to make this, and for telling me where to get sounds and songs from video games. Another special thanks to Psy's Bastardized cast. (^_^)

    Don't just sit there when it's over. Get your ass over to for the fireball20xl experience... but not before you subscribe to me so you can see Sonic X abridged. I promise it won't suck onions like all the others on YouTube.

    Songs used in order:
    "At Ease!?"~(Capcom Fighting Evolution)
    "Living in the City"(Sped up)~(Sonic R)
    "Prospered Fatherland"~(Capcom Fighting Evolution)
    "Let Me Give You My Love" by Utada for her English album "Exodus" (Kick-ass album. I highly recommend it.)
    "To Kill Time"~(Capcom Fighting Evolution)(Yes, I love that game and it's music)
    "Rythemic Passage"~(Sonic Adventure 2)
    "VS. screen BGM"~(Marvel Super Heroes)(The Capcom fighting arcade game)
    "Let Me Give You My Love" again

    Don't mind the flickering at the beginning. I couldn't fix that.