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Hello everyone. I'm the creator of Sonic X the abridged series. The Elk810 edition that doesn't suck, that is. Sonic is my favorite video game series. I was inspired by all the best abridged series creators to make something of my own. Hope you enjoy it, cause I emulated only the best.

I'm posting my videos here in preparation of the series's imminent removal from YouTube.

Also, if you wanna send me a friend request, you MUST SPEAK ENGLISH!!! It's a preference of mine.


joshua matthew smith
heyy, hows the whole video making process coming?
6 years ago by joshua matthew smith
Hey! I saw your most recent video, pretty good. Tell me when you start your series.

P.S. Sorry, I would've replied to the comment you left on my profile a long time ago, but DailyMotion wouldn't let me post for some reason.
6 years ago by Sephirex
joshua matthew smith
srry fo the late respond, haha i got it, pretty good stuff
7 years ago by joshua matthew smith
joshua matthew smith
yo wasssup
7 years ago by joshua matthew smith

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