Russian skinheads attacking immigrants!

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If governments won't act, the people will!


Who wants to live in that shithole of a country, my country is flooded with red Russian scum, fuck off back to your shit hole country. Ignorant fucks, your pussies all of you, your nothing more than a bunch of Slav peasants.
By Right May
You look like Muslims who cut heads!
By Pooya 5 years ago
Christianity is racism , fuck all christians
By may 6 years ago
frankw1978, your country does not allow you to know what is going on, you can't even have racial statistics. 25% of children under 12 in France are Arab Muslims, and they are multiplying at 4.4 kids per couple as compared to about 1.4 for European French people... there is a demographic explosion of Islamic people in Europe, with France in its epicenter, all subsidized by your welfare socialist system. I know France very well, you are missing perspective and critical thinking, you are just brainwashed by the left that is responsible for the decline of your country. I am not speaking politically correct, I am speaking the simple truth.
By us_army_courage 6 years ago
Don't take my word for it... take theirs. Optimistic Jews such as youself ended up in Auschwitz, pessimistic Jews like Einstein got the hell out. I'm not saying you should get out, hell no, stay there and resist the new Nazis... islamofascism.
By us_army_courage 6 years ago
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