I am an American, a Christian and an officer in the US Army. <br /><br />I believe in the freedom of speech , religion, press, to peaceful assembly. I believe in the Right to Bear Arms. I believe in Capitalism, and free enterprise. I do not believe the people exist for the government (as in Communism). I believe that the government belongs to the people. As in the Declaration of Independence, I believe that soldiers should be allowed to do their jobs. We started losing in Vietnam when the politicians started running the shows, rather than those who knew the game. I believe it is hypocritical to distort the "separation, of church and state" argument and pervert its true intention, kicking God out of the pledge" Creator" out of the Declaration, the whole time trying to claim that churches should be taxed. I believe that all human beings have the right to life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, including the unborn. <br /><br />We are repeating History. I believe that like Rome, we are more concerned with our "entertainment culture," so much that we ignore the Barbarians at our gates. <br /><br />I believe in integrity. I believe in hard-work, and human achievement. I believe I have a right to defend myself, and my nation. <br /><br />I believe that we as a people should gather together and vocally protest the fact that our congress is stealing our money and financially raping us, and that that man in the White House is compromising our National Security by humiliating us in front of other nations by his white flag surrender policies of appeasement. We need to wake up America. Duty, Honor, Country. <br /><br />God Bless the USA.