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Check out more clips like this on What began as an outing to celebrate his graduation from college at the age of 21, turned into a full time position and hobby for Ben Lowe. 591 jumps later he still feels the exhilaration of the jump, the 120 mile per hour wind against his face and the near minute of free-fall. But the risk taking doesn’t stop there for Ben, he also loves to BASE jump. Cliffs, bridges, mountain tops . . . you name it, he’ll jump from it. Visit Ben on


ftw chat with me! ..
By sweetmartina84 3 years ago
my first jump was middle of last year and i'm 12 years old now, the feeling of freedom is so shit...i will not continue next year!^^
By gaku 6 years ago
What an exciting clip! Makes the sport look so fun.
By butterflybeauty 6 years ago