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    Kansas City Chiefs Fan??

    Tertiary Productions

    by Tertiary Productions

    John Welbourn, Kansas City Chiefs

    When John Welbourn went pro, he never thought he would be playing football as a career. Nine years later, John Welbourn is now in his fourth season with the Kansas City Chiefs. He spent the majority of his NFL career as left guard then made the transition to right tackle for the Chiefs. John retired briefly from playing professional football and started an insurance brokerage. However, his desire to play couldn’t keep him away for long and he is now back to playing right tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs. John tries to keep his personal and professional life separate, which becomes difficult because he is a celebrity. Everyone knows how he performs on the field each week and he has to check his self-worth each time he plays, good or bad. With his home in Newport Beach and his two dogs, John tries to keep himself grounded and admired for his hard work not his weekly performance.
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