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    Jimi Hendrix [FIRST TV APPEARANCE] Buddy & Stacey: SHOTGUN

    Dog Meat

    by Dog Meat

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    Yep. Jimi all the way to the left, trademark grip on the neck at the 1:00 mark.
    By wbfozzie333 years ago
    The guitarist indicated at the beginning of the clip is NOT Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix was left handed and the guitarist indicated is right handed.
    Hendrix is on the far left of the line.

    This clip has been used in a TV program about Hendrix in the UK.
    By red_red_robbo5 years ago
    that is indeed hendrix on the left
    By axumnite6 years ago
    from scribernc re: Hendrix in the shotgun vid: i stand corrected, that is hendrix, playing on the left side of the video screen, his image partially obscured throughout by one of the vocalists; when i made my initial comment disavowing his identity, i saw only a snippet of the video and i thought the claim was being made that the guy on the right side of the screen was hendrix, the one who did vaguely resemble him but, upon later noticing, was playing a guitar right-handed, which was just one more clue that it wasn't jimi. when i saw the whole video, i now would agree that the other guy is hendrix; thought it is too bad that you can never get an unobscured look at his face. still, no doube it's hendrix, the partial facial look, hair; the body posture, the left-handed guitar playing. it's him! so i stand contrite and corrected.
    By scribenc7 years ago
    Pierre William Renout
    C'est en effet extraordinaire de voir Jimi dans les années qui précède sa révélation au grand public. Il y a cependant un point à rectifier: le guitariste que l'on nous montre au début de la vidéo n'est pas jimi Hendrix car il est droitier! Jimi se trouve à l'extrême gauche sur la scène. Déjà, On peut le voir faire ses "gimmick" en passant son bras au dessus du manche de sa guitare!
    Bien à vous,
    By Pierre William Renout7 years ago
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