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    Salman Rushdie International Guerilla

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    Salman Rushdie Assassinated International Guerilla (Flying Korans kill infidel)

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    One of the major burning issues in the Islamic world in the late 1980s and early 1990s was Salman Rushdie's book the "Satanic Verses". The book caused a huge uproar in the Islamic world with large protests. It was then followed with a fatwa by the Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini to kill Salman Rushdie.
    SALMAN RUSHDIE: "International Guerillas" [दैवी प्रशोध Islam-a-Bad]
    by STUPIDEST GIFT IN THE WORLD on Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 6:34pm ·

    "The 'Citizen Kane' of Sanctioned Death."--Nichopoulooza

    Judging a film on ideological criteria is not necessarily easy.

    Consider a worrying, stripy, socio-politicall, outrageous and questionable subject; now add a pinch of fatwa and Guignol with a dash of दैवी प्रशोध: serves a billion.

    The example, "International Guerilla," not only breaks records, but supplements propaganda-dealing extreme Islamists...

    ...Pakistan is a country of pure dementia, and "International Guerillas", traffics, in effect, the "Rushdie Affair," and all the limit-pushing kitsch which Pakistan could offer.

    Which is the more ignoble?
    Evil or its insipid zestfulness.

    "International Guerillas" is absolute Nirvana for idiocy-per-cubic-meter!

    Uunlamented, titanic sectionals, distilled as succinct parody, concocted by pranksters who want Pakistani Islamist's forbidden profoundity, not brutalized canards of confined, profane, exploding underwhelmed neurons.

    To quickly refresh the memory of young readers: