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    Mitt Romney Lying & Imploding Over Mormonism Questions #2

    Samuel the Utahnite

    by Samuel the Utahnite

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    something really 'off' about Romney....and his church is against abortion, he is wrong about that point....disturbing man..
    By BC2 years ago
    I could not be less impressed by this man. Crazy fundamentalists of any faith scare me and are NEVER to be trusted, much less elected. Mormons are especially crazy in their beliefs. I believe all religions are false. Truth is found in philosophy and science, I think. How can any knowledge come from blind faith? Religions claim to have the truth but never seek to prove it. How reassuring! Supposedly the creator would have us turn off our brains that he's given us, in order to believe. That's why religions screw people up so much- it's never really as intellectual, as it is emotional. Poor old, rich Mitt was probably born into Mormonism. So I would call him brainwashed. ( I wish people would just say things as they are.) If this sleazy, scary, vampire-looking guy ever tries to run for President again, here's what they should ask him at the last debate...Do you believe, as your church teaches, that all non-Mormons are going to hell?...Then watch all the Christians go crazy.
    By tomr30156 years ago