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    AMV - Naruto - Keine Lust_Rammstein


    by Dokuhebichan

    1 237 views
    Song: Keine Lust
    Artist: Rammstein
    Anime: Naruto

    Hey, this is #19 because it was a request, but, unfortunately, I never got an official "okay" from the requester. After disappearing for several weeks, he reappeared to just say "I'm sorry but I can't talk to you or watch your video either (right now)" He's not very good with english, so thats what I'm interpreting. But, since this has happened, I feel that I now have to put it up publicly everywhere I put my videos now, since I've had about 20 people e-mail me asking to see it. Sorry Yoh. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, no matter how late it is.

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