Hello and welcome to my channel! I am Dokuhebichan, the President of Punch and Pie Productions! All I work on are usually just AMVs (except I'm working on other stuff lately, too), and I always accept requests, just e-mail me at: <br /><br /> <br /><br />with your idea ... whether its the song, artist, and anime, or just one scene from an anime that fits a certain line in a song perfectly! I'll use almost anything to make an entire AMV (almost! If you really want to make sure I make one for you, make it a rock song ;D ) or I'll just add it to my next Anime Channel Surfing. <br /><br />Also, I would lie to mention that there have been some videos that dailymotion won't take for some reason... so, if its not here, just check it out at veoh or metacafe (same screen name both places). One of those would probably have it. <br /><br />Anyway, thanks for dropping by!