George Carlin And The Ten Commandments

Samuel the Utahnite

by Samuel the Utahnite

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He explained!! :)
What a hilarious man, and he is right about people believing anything. And if you look at the 10 commandments, how many actually are used to benefit mankind??????????? 3!!!! No stealing, no killing, and no bearing false witness. These are the three that actually affect other peoples right, and they use murder in a kind of circumstantial manner (crusades okay, witch burning... ill allow it). Remember "War does not prove who is right, only who is left." Being unfaithful doesn't benefit man kind, it's just a question of ethics. And why is coveting so taboo? It doesn't intrude on any of peoples' personal rights to say "Hey dude, your wife is hot". The others are used to indoctrinate the blind faith needed to believe in a god. I place god right up along side ManBearPig in Imagination Land.
By McGilroy 7 years ago