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During the 20's and 30's, Harry Reser not only played in a number of bands, but also led his own bands using an amazing number of pseudonyms. His bands recorded an incredible number of tunes in a variety of styles, but the pop tunes and novelty songs appealed to a wider audience, and are also among his best recordings. Harry Reser often arranged many of the songs that the bands recorded. Like in this video, many of the better songs feature vocals by Tom Stacks, who was also the drummer on many of these sessions. His voice has been described as having "a built-in grin". Another highlight of these recordings are Reser's banjo solos which show amazing clarity and technique, with a little jazz influence tossed in. The band most associated with Harry Reser was the The Clicquot Club Eskimos. This group was heard weekly on NBC radio network from 1925 to 1935 and brought Reser a degree of fame. This amazing record was made in 1927. Vocal by Tom Stacks and unidentified band members.

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Jack, it is the best way to do for now... you might have missed a couple (e.g. Cook's Orchestra - Spanish Mamma, on which hardly anyone commented), or maybe the comments just disappeared.
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Patrick........I contacted DM and they said the same thing. So, until they get it figured out I'll just visit my profile page. I may miss a few that way but it's the best solution for now.
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I got a bunch of DM notices re: posts I had made previous comments on in todays email. Hope that the missing days were just another DM glitch. I will be looking for notices of new posts as well. Haven't seen any for awhile. DM needs a serious overhaul in my opinion.
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