big bossman vs bam bigelow-1993

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5 comentarios

Monsoon: "He's saying Bam Bam do you know Miranda"
Por jamesonyancey hace 7 años
This was not Big Bossmans last WWF match like alot of people think. His last match was on February 28, 1993 vs Doink. Bossman won that by DQ.
Por McDermott hace 7 años
You mean 5 years later.
Por greatdane82 hace 8 años
funny thing is like 5 years before this they cheered Bam Bam and booed the Bossman.
Por Johnny Yang hace 8 años
RIP à Bam bam Bigelow et au Big Boss Man.
Merci pour le match !
Por Golic hace 8 años