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WWE finally coming to Brooklyn in December for the TLC PPV!


Can u post the Original Midnight Express and Paul E Dangerously attack Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express in the NWA. Iv'e been looking for it everywhere and cant seem to find it.
November by Speedrome14
I would be interested in seeing the entire US Tag Title Tournament/and the National US titles being unified,certain NWA World 6 man title defenses, Misty Blue Simmes defending her belt on NWA tv, the UWF/Western States title tournament which later becames NWA, and the vacant WWA US title tournament from 1988
October by Billmistersir
I'm into dark matches, rare matches, phantom title matches switches, I feel the stuff never shown on tv should be posted online like the U.W.F. Western States Title Tournament, and Crockett's NWA title tournaments
October by Billmistersir
do you have Johnstown, PA March 6, 1988 fan cam with Steel Cage Match between Bam Bam Bigelow/Don Muraco vs One Man Gang/ Butch Reed,thanks
October by flippo32

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