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DUAL AUDIO KARAOKE VERSION . <br />Exclusive Malaysian Entertainment Zone <br />------------------------------------------------ <br />DUAL AUDIO JUST TURN OFF SPEAKER LEFT OR RIGHT TO GET KARAOKE SOUND. <br /><br />Authoring Team Members. <br />Warning High Power Tribel And Bass!!! <br /><br />Studio Style Music Editing Using Audio Equalizer Equipment. Equalizer Audio Sound Filter X - Bass Audio, <br /><br />Authoring brings you the very best in Malaysia MTV Others Related MTV. Indie MTV from pop to rock, punk to grunge and lots more with better studio editing Audio sound . Some MTV has X- Bass Equalizer sound that make you head shaking and feet tapping while listen. <br /><br />Kepada Pelawat Video Di Site Ini Telah DiPerbaruhi Kualitinya Dengan Mutu Amat Tinggih.Video Diperbaiki Mutunya Bersuaiyan Dengan Bandwith Dailymaotion. Audio Dia Pula Perbaiki Dengan Mengunakan Audio Equalizer Equipment Untuk Menghasil Bass Dan Tribel Amat Kuat. <br /><br />Helping Hand And Hours And Month To Make This Master Piece.Filter Using Audio Equalizer And Time Complex Editing.Audio Sound Filter X - Bass Audio <br />(TM09) Audio Sound Filter By Authoring Team Members. <br /><br />THANKS VISITING. FROM WEBMASTER OWNER. <br /><br />Backup Site Please Visit This Site <br />