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i cant find some episode, how cn it be..but however thankyou for this...
December by Cindonesia06
4 the Love of Women
Hi, my name is LK of 4theLoveofWomen on YouTube and Dailymotion. I have a group on Google where you can watch all the Lesbian TV Couples from around the world. I decided to do this because Youtube and Dailymotion loves to block our shows. So I was wondering if you would share what you have with the group. To share the wonderful shows you have on your YouTube channel with the whole world. You can f
Donna Brooks
It's so wonderful to be able to still come here and watch this story again. One of the best couples ever. I noticed that Eps. 89 & 90 are not uploaded. Are they not available at all, or did you just remove them temporarily for some reason?
April by Donna Brooks
Thank u so much for the subs for Juliana. I was searching such a long time to find it! :)
March by LisaFlorence

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