christophe tixier

deux francais vivant en ecosse <br />wat to say <br />love our friends. Comments will come from pple who know us, now watch wot ur saying lol!!!! <br />Both french but living in Edinburgh . <br /><br />Christophe Tixier <br /> is a <br />comedian <br />& <br />fire eater <br />& <br />magician <br />& <br />fortune teller. <br />if u want any informations about my shows drop me an email on: <br /> <br /><br />Michael Bodeau works as a buyer in the wisky industry yayyyyyyyyyy <br />he is a clever boy and well educated (can we say man now lol ) he has 3 masters : <br />1 in international business , <br />1: in purchasing and supply <br />1: christophe <br /><br />we ve been togheter for 10 years now and still happy like day 1. <br /><br />open minded couple open to any suggestions <br /><br />sorry if we don't fit up to your standards.we are who we are . will not change for anyone."" <br />we wish yous to be happy like we are :D <br />this is a lot love with gold in mind <br /><br />enjoy the videos ..... <br />