Ian Scott

Life Coach, Ian Scott comes from a working class background, originally from Yorkshire, England, but now lives in Lancashire with his wife Kathleen. <br /><br />He has always been interested in human potential, the power of the human mind, business, and the desire to be of service to others. It is his love of people, and desire to serve others, that was the motivation to be involved in life coaching. <br /><br />His teaching style is very simple, logical, effective. He skillfully guides people to arrive at solutions that work for them, so that the client makes better choices based upon what they've figured out, and not on answers they've been given. Over the past 30 years, he has found that this teaching style creates lasting results, because a person has reached a particular conclusion themselves, rather than repeating what someone else has told them, or what they've read from a book. This really does illustrate that the answers we seek at times, already exist within us. We just need someone more objective than ourselves to draw those answers from the deep well within. <br /><br />Ian is currently involved in ongoing coaching projects that include training videos, a brand new ebook on life coaching, downloadable audio programs, streaming video, and online articles. All this makes for a busy schedule! <br /><br />Coach Ian Scott Podcasts are now launched. Why not download them here: <br />http://coachianscott.mypodcast.com