Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments - Founded on August 2004 by Daniel Laiseca, Syntheway has been focused on development of pro audio plug-ins for Windows and Mac OS X based operating systems, offering Software Synthesizers and Samplers for computer-based music production

VST Audio Plug-ins Software:
- Magnus Choir VSTi
- RetroMagix Harpsichord VSTi
- Realistic Virtual Piano VSTi
- Chordophonet Virtual Harp & Dulcimer
- Harmodion (Drawbar Organ, Reed Organ, Harmonium & Bandoneon VSTi)
- Aeternus Brass VSTi
- ElectriKeys ePiano VSTi
- SoundFont SF2 Player VSTi (Sampler)
- Master Hammond B3 Organ VSTi
- Organux VSTi
- Banjodoline Virtual Banjo and Mandolin VSTi
- Zephyrus VSTi (Hybrid Synthesizer)
- DAL Flute VSTi
- Syntheway Strings VSTi (Ensemble: Cello, Violin, Viola, Double Bass)
- Virtual Sitar VSTi
- Percussion Kit: Orchestral, Mallet, Latin, African Percussion
- Virtual Room Reverb VST

Also available for Mac OS X as Audio Unit Component, VST, EXS24, Kontakt format:

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Blade Runner (Vangelis) Zephyrus, Syntheway Strings, Magnus Choir, Aeternus Brass, Chordophonet Virtual Harp VST Win Mac
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1492, Conquest Of Paradise (Vangelis) Magnus Choir, Syntheway Strings, Aeternus Brass, Percussion Timpani, Piano, Chordophonet Virtual Dulcimer VSTi
Crockett's Theme (Jan Hammer) Syntheway Strings, Magnus Choir, Zephyrus, Vibraphone, Brass VSTi (Win Mac OS X) Software
May It Be (The Lord Of The Rings, The Fellowship Of The Ring) Syntheway Strings, Aeternus Brass, Magnus Choir, Chordophonet Virtual Harp Plugins (Win VST, Mac OS X AU, Logic EXS24, Native Instruments Kontakt)