Stateless Media is an array of journalists and filmmakers across the planet. We do not work in offices. We operate out of studio apartments, cafés, basements, bus stations and airports in New York, Washington, London, Phnom Penh and beyond.<br /><br />Stateless Media spawns from the working hypothesis that there is a growing demand for entertaining, evocative mini-films that deliver news but in a way that does not feel like news, in a way that feels like…movies. We call these movies shortreals. They are short and real. They will be delivered to your tablet, iPhone or whatever future, portable instrument of choice you download content onto, and they will cover everywhere. They will not be hemmed in by conventional boundaries or ideas about “news” and “entertainment.” They will be stateless. As we speak, shortreals are being produced in Berlin and Yangon, and more are under development in the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. There is nowhere we will not go.<br /><br />Contact us at