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I'm an 18 year old anime/manga/video game fan and my most favourite animes are Cardcaptor Sakura and Sonic X (though I do love a lot of other CLAMP animes too). As for video games, I'm a huge Nintendo fan all the way! ^_^ So Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Sonic, Tales of Symphonia and Rayman are my faves. I'm also a hopeless romantic and I adore nearly any form of fandom to do with my favourite couples! (Which is why most of my vids are couple tributes.)

My favourite Sonic characters are Amy, Tails and Tikal. My favourite Sonic couples are Sonamy (absolute fave!), and Tails/Cream, although I do really like Tails/Cosmo as well.


Hello StarryHeavens ^^
I love you videoclips ^^
Cream,amy,tails,sonic fan's for me ^^
Tiakl fan's for you!!
Tikal is very nice ^^
6 years ago by toadeu
Vive Amy rose ^^
6 years ago by toadeu
Jami Moon Dragon
Ok, episode 5 part 3 of my series is uploaded!^_^
6 years ago by Jami Moon Dragon

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