rom Paris suburbs, and on the influence of his friends, Omar call is sound, Kill dem Omar in 1995. Then, the arrival of Paco, Papy ninja in 1996, Vetea in 2K1 and Colonel Ruben pat in 2004, grew up the crew, which spread now. <br /><br />Radio entertainer on RGB 99.2 from 1997 to 2K4, Kill dem contributed to many big events in france in Switzerland in Italy(rottotom sunsplash 2006) and in Germany. They organised and played bashment with famous artists such as Johnny Clark in 1998, Pow Pow movement, President Brown 1999, Everton Blender 1999, Frankie Paul in 2000, and also King Tubbys 2002, David Rodigan 2002 , Buju Banton 2003, Alton Elis and Al Campbel 2003, Massive B 2004, Black Chiney 2005 (For the first time in europe), Killamanjaro 2005, Black Kat (for the first time in france) 2005, Bass Odessey, Josey Wales, Half Pint & Cornel Campbell in 2006 <br /><br />Kill Dem Crew play for the love, respect, with conscious message, we work hard against the injustice, destruction, pollution! One God, One blood, One destiny...Equal Rights & Justice!! <br /><br />OMAR,PACO AND VETEA.