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Montréal, Canada
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I've been earning my living doing graphic design with my wife and partner Mary Bogdan. We own Crayon Design & Communication, a design firm in Montreal.

We have both been artists for as long as we can remember. Photography has been my medium and I've used it for self expression as well as professionally in my commercial work as a communications tool. My personal photography site is at and our graphic design firm's site is My wife's profound artistic expressions can be viewed at I hope you will enjoy browsing through my work.

Here is a link to My Blog and my Glamour and Nude Photography site

You can also see some of my work at the world famous (on-line) Saatchi Gallery in London, UK.


muse & Co.
We look forward to you as a friend to us know. We are fascinated and pleased that you have the same interests as we do. Your videos are great class.

The best wishes for a great weekend

thanks and kissssss
6 years ago by muse & Co.

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