Simon Carmichael

Over the years I have been into many different types of music from classical to rock however as I get older my passion lies with the acoustic guitar. Having been absorbed in music from a young age I got listening to many styles from the likes of Paco de Lucia (thanks Dad) through to some of the heavier stuff such as Metallica. <br /><br />Over the last few years I came across a guitarist from Australia, Tommy Emmanuel. Just when I thought I was getting good at guitar I see this guy and think to myself “Do I throw my guitar out or practise harder?” Thankfully I chose the latter. <br /><br />I have a lot of experience playing in bands in my more ‘rock n roll’ days so to speak however this will be the first time I venture out on the acoustic. Over the last year I have been practising new ideas based on the styles of everything from Tommy, Andy McKee, Kaki King,and Preston Reed to name a few and I hope my own style comes through in my music.