Silvertip Films

We have one aim. To make YOU a great video. <br /><br />SILVERTIP FILMS is a digital video production company whose work covers PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS – both MUSIC VIDEO and CORPORATE VIDEO for Video Marketing, LIVE MUSIC & EVENT FILMING and ACTOR SHOWREELS. <br /><br />Our team includes directors, producers, editors, directors of photography, sound engineers and motion graphic animators. Each of our crew members is creative, experienced, professional and passionate<br /><br />MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION Our videos for record labels of all sizes and acts of all genres have been broadcast domestically and internationally.<br /><br />LIVE VIDEOS for chart success’ and rising stars lead to increased exposure and an expanding fanbase. Full multi-cam shoots and web-streaming options too.<br /><br />CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTION for big business’ and SME are invaluable aides to their continued growth.<br /><br />ACTOR SHOWREELS An edit only or the inclusion of specially shot scenes, either option helps actors get seen more.<br /><br />Each production is unique. We collaborate with you and develop a distinct working relationship as we bring your project to screen, utilizing all the production skills at our disposal.<br /><br />To discuss your project, get in touch via