The very best vintage and contemporary all original pro wrestling and mixed martial arts media and memorabilia from around the world, including Japan, Mexico and independent promotions, not to mention WWF, WWE, WCW, ECW, UFC and other national promotions. <br /><br />Currently in over a dozen countries with over 1000 subscribers to our complete merchandise catalogue. We work with independent promotions to assist them in gaining recognition and exposure outside of their traditional homebase, and assist in marketing and merchandising. We ask for table space for our own merchandise, and the merchandise of our other affiliated promotions in exchange. We will carry your merchandise to other promotions we are affiliated with, as well, and your promotion will be linked to our site, and you will have a full bio of your promotion on our catalogue main page, which will open to your own page of merchandise that we carry from you. <br /><br />Affiliated with NWA Wisconsin in Green Bay, Wisconsin, former home to Ken Kennedy and Hornswoggle, as well as independent superstar Michael Modest, we are always looking for new talent to feature.