I am calm, attentive to world affairs and news, lifestyle and modern casual style.
Education of traditional family, middle class, Catholic Religion.
High School and several courses in various specializations.
Basic knowledge in English, Spanish, French and my language Portuguese (Brazil).
Professional: Consultant / Producer and Artistic Lighting Technician in the Show's
Interests: Business and Global Dissemination of Artists of my contacts, particularly LAFAYETTE, LAFAYETTE and TREMENDÕES and Launch New Band in this year - "Super Show Band LAFAYETTE" (MEGA PRODUCTIONS).
News Events World music, science, new discoveries, ufos, universe and curiosities of the world in various sectors.
I have also the following pages, Bolggs and Sytes: / scruzcarq channel abcd0283 Blog / group Sergio Cruz sc7275 Sergio Cruz / qp / abcd.html sergio83 Blog sc7275 LAFAYETTE
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