I am calm, attentive to world affairs and news, lifestyle and modern casual style. <br />Education of traditional family, middle class, Catholic Religion. <br />High School and several courses in various specializations. <br />Basic knowledge in English, Spanish, French and my language Portuguese (Brazil). <br />Professional: Consultant / Producer and Artistic Lighting Technician in the Show's <br />Interests: Business and Global Dissemination of Artists of my contacts, particularly LAFAYETTE, LAFAYETTE and TREMENDÕES and Launch New Band in this year - "Super Show Band LAFAYETTE" (MEGA PRODUCTIONS). <br />News Events World music, science, new discoveries, ufos, universe and curiosities of the world in various sectors. <br />I have also the following pages, Bolggs and Sytes: <br /> / scruzcarq channel abcd0283 <br /> Blog / group <br /> <br /> Sergio Cruz <br /> sc7275 <br /> Sergio Cruz <br /> / qp / abcd.html sergio83 <br /> Blog sc7275 LAFAYETTE <br />Blog LAFAYETTE sc7275