Lvciferi Satani

_________66666666666666________ ______66666_________66666______ ____6666_______________6666____ ___666__666_________666__666___ __666____6666_____6666_____666_ 666_______6__66666__6_______666 66________6__66_66__6________66 66________666_____666________66 66______6666_______6666______66 66____66___66_____66___66____66 66_6666666666666666666666666_66 666_________66___66_________666 _666_________6___6_________666_ __666_________6_6_________666__ ____666_______6_6_______666____ _______66666___6____66666______ __________6666666666666________ <br />Satanizm, Teh Occvlt, Demonolatrie, Ritvalz (i.e. how to eradicate the "xian" plague), Philosophy (i.e., existentialism, epistemology, empiricism, nihilism, solipsism, structuralism/post-structuralism, idealism, alienism, phenomenology, ontology, etc..), Mathematics (i.e., calculus, trigonometry, fractals, imaginary numbers, prime number theory, differential analysis, multi-variable algebra, complex geometry, topology), Science (i.e., evolution, quantum mechanics, physics, eugenics), Politics (i.e., socialism, anarcho-syndicalism, dialectical materialism), Programming/Hacking/Software Engineering [i.e., Linux], high-level programming languages (Python, Perl, Java, JScript, Javascript, C, C++, C#, Ruby, Lisp,Visual Basic), compiling, syntax, manipulation/implementation of data algorithms), Technology/Computers [i.e., iPod Classic (160gb), 4g iPod Nano (16gb), 3g iPod Shuffle (4gb), 3g (revision) iPod Shuffle (4gb), Special Edition Stainless Steel iPod Shuffle (4gb), iPhone 3g (16gb), iPhone 3g(s) (32gb), Samsung Epic 4g (previously had the Evo 4g), toshiba satellite t115d-s1120 w/ amd neo mv-40 @ 1.6ghz, ati mobility radeon hd 3200, 2gb ddr2 @ 800mhz (upgr. 4gb) , 250GB hdd @5400rpm, I will have the RIM Blackberry Playbook (64gb), I will have the Samsung Galaxy S II, I will have the 2011 17" macbook pro w/ core i7 "sandy bridge" cpu @ 2.2ghz, hi-res display, amd radeon hd 6750m w/ 1gb gddr5, 4gb ddr3 @1333mhz, 500gb hdd @7200rpm