ric alford

http://rikd.net/wordpress <br />RIKD Fighting Arts store <br />http://rikd.net/wordpress/?page_id=970 <br />http://rikd7.blogspot.com <br />http://rikd2.blogspot.com <br /><br />Martial Arts Techniques from rikd <br />Martial Arts-Kung Fu jkd tkd karate MMA <br />Boxing Aikido Hapkido <br />Olympic Weightlifting & Technique <br />Music-Opera Rock Blues Guitar <br />RIKD -is an acronym for Ric IYou Ki Do. A martial art emphasizing power in striking through the use of speed, strength, technique, and timing. <br />Name: ric <br />POWER IS THE KI! <br />Founder of Ric I You Ki DO martial arts. Emphasis on speed and power. 1998 National Masters 187 LB. class champion in Olympic style weight lifting. BS degree U Of M. A+ certified Tech. USMC, 3/9 India co, The Flaming I.