Ronald Welch

Voted Best Art Gallery in Palm Desert for 2008! <br /><br />R E Welch Gallery has the exclusive representation in the US for some of Europe’s finest artists, including Jean-Louis Corby. Corby’s Danseur was selected for the 2007/2008 El Paseo International Exhibition. Danseur was declared the clear winner after receiving an overwhelming percentage of the public’s vote. This stunning example of Corby’s work will be permanently placed in a prominent location in Palm Desert. <br /><br />Welch Gallery also exclusively represents Lorraine Jordan whose oils can be best described as a colorful seduction. Franco Chiarani’s work has been described as gestural dynamism. The unusual perception of Herve Dubreil has been previously exhibited in Europe’s finest galleries. <br /><br />Welch Gallery strongly believes in giving back to our community. Our Giving Back program gives our clients a say in our philanthropic efforts. 5% of your retail purchase will be donated to the charity of your choice. 73-680 El Paseo, Palm Desert. For information: 760-341-8141.