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The main focus of this site is Jazz, Big Band music,Vocal Personalities, and Soundies, from the 1920's to present. My Group, RedHotJazz, is open to membership, and currently holds 1062 video clips:


Ken McPherson
I think he-sirarnold, went over to the competition-try searching for him under his new alias-harryoakley!
6 years ago by Ken McPherson
Great videos, I love your channel!
Do you know what happened to sirarnold? he had great vintage jazz clips!
6 years ago by sweet_aliena
Thank you for accepting my invitation of friendship. I just love your posts.
6 years ago by Genia
Thanks for friendship Ken - I found your great posting of McKinney's Cotton Pickers today by chance and can hardly believe I was first to comment in 30 months! It's going to take time but I'll be working through all 1062 .
Regards, Mike.
6 years ago by fatsfan71

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