This page is dedicated to recons (reconstructions) of missing Who episodes.

I use Windows Movie Maker, which I know has its faults, but it's what I'm used to. My recons tend not to contain much in the way of composite images or animation. What I do have is a great enthusiasm for the series, which I believe shows through in my work - so I hope you'll find that it doesn't suck too badly!

To see my playlists in story order, go to "Playlists" and then select "Alphabetical A-Z".

I have deleted a few recons recently because the missing episodes have been found - so if you want to see The Web of Fear, get over to iTunes! I will delete others as and when the episodes become available commercially.


Joe Crammond
hey R_M, your retcons of Web and Enemy were great but the recovery of most of them have made a great improvement, still prefer yours to the itunes of web of fear 3
July by Joe Crammond
plz plz plz do more plz
2 years ago by catrank
Apologies for my recent lack of activity. I've just been too busy. I may resume posting in a few months' time, but I cannot guarantee it. In the meantime, enjoy what is here! I also regret to report that Power of the Daleks has been rejected and is no longer here. You can still find it on YouTube, though. See you later folks...
2 years ago by R_M
Davison For Life
Well, there are various video downloader sites out there, and you can put the files on a DVD-R. It works pretty well.
2 years ago by Davison For Life

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