I create public installations (or “Street Art” pieces) that are both playful and political. I create my art to engage with my environment and those who share it with me. I do not seek to anger or upset my companions in the city, rather, I am searching for a benevolent, sustainable way to involve myself in our shared public spaces without being arrested or unnoticeable. Although subversion is not my primary goal, by it’s very nature; my practice challenges the status quo. Authority over the visual landscapes of our cities has been placed out of reach to the very people who live in them. In my gentle way, I am simply connecting to my surroundings, and in this manner I also reclaim that which has been denied to me. <br /><br />I create my art from unwanted things. I gather my materials from the flotsam of the urban environment, process it, and return it to the city. Exploiting these discarded objects arose as a natural result of maintaining a prolific art practice on a shoestring budget, but it has become intrinsic to my work and it is an important reflection of my purpose and attitude. In the course of gathering materials, installing artworks, and documenting the results; I explore, begin to understand, and ultimately change the city in which I’m living. Members of my milieu may be especially attuned to the methods and visual language I use, but I do not create my art solely for a clique that knows the city’s secret places. It is important to me that my pieces also be installed in truly public areas where anyone may encounter my work and be challenged by it. I focus on thought-provoking works that uncomfortably straddle concepts of activism, advertising, graffiti, pranks, and vandalism. <br /><br /> <br /> <br />