plus49 have been regarded as “phenomenon on standby” for years. They are part of the new generation of artists who have as many hands as possible in as many different plays as possible. Since 2002 they have recorded multiple Electronic-Alternative-Pop albums (All The Beautiful Things, Hymn Without Country, Integrity and Injury), published radio plays or created music- and video setups, e.g. in 2003 for the Gasometer in Oberhausen (The night of angels). They shot artistic movies (pollyDAYS) and developed sound designs for cell phones, TV stations and the sound of the gong for the Cologne-Bonn airport. Plus49 also won the Midem NetAward for the best Online Event in Cannes. Their music, performances and productions range somewhere between Pop and Avantgarde. plus49 started out as a project and have ultimately transformed into a full-blown band with traditional cast (guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals), supplemented by electronic plots and a classic cello player.