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360 video New

The Dailymotion player now supports 360-degree videos allowing content creators to share a truly immersive experience with their audience. Fans can explore the video by dragging the cursors within the video on desktop or by tilting their mobile device. Our HTML5 player is 360 compliant allowing our partners to take the 360 experience offsite as well. Our native app experience will be updated very shortly.

lots of power

Fast streaming and an elegant interface ensure quick load times and smooth playback.

fully accessible

The internet is for everyone, and so is Dailymotion. That's why our player comes standard with a full suite of accessibility features. These include keyboard navigation, subtitle functionality as well as screen reader and voice over software support.

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beyond responsive

The player will automatically resize itself to fit whatever device and screen size you are using. And we've taken things a step further: all key features are preserved no matter how small the screen.

optimized mobile experience

We designed and structured the new player to work specifically in certain ways when used on a mobile device. For example, we've enlarged the tap targets finger-friendly interaction. And, you'll be able to access features that are traditionally reserved for larger screens.

custom color themes

As a partner, you can now customize the player when your videos are embedded on external websites to create a branded experience. Specifically, it boasts two themes—dark and light—and a large selection of colors. Just choose the color that best fits your content, and the player will automatically display the theme that optimizes color contrast and accessibility.

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logo overlay

Anyone who enables monetization—a simple one-step process—can now also overlay their logo in the bottom right corner of the player.

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Tons of features

  • 4K Resolution

  • Faster Quality Switching

  • ChromeCast & AirPlay Support

  • Easier Sharing

  • Full Keyboard Navigation

  • Crisp Retina® icons

  • Related Videos

  • Sleeker Design

  • Player API

  • Subtitles & CC