[PIAS] Comedy was launched 5 years ago in Benelux as a special imprint to release comedy related content on all available formats through the existing [PIAS] distribution network. [PIAS] Comedy UK office was officially opened in 2009. <br /><br />Apart from continuously expanding its successful roster of Benelux comedians, [PIAS] Comedy started to sign and work with some of the biggest names in stand-up comedy from the US, UK and Australia including its first international release by Pablo Francisco. The first major success however was the Sparks of Insanity DVD by US stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham. <br /><br />The philosophy of [PIAS] Comedy puts the artist at the centre of each project, strategically developing the artist´s profile in the relevant markets or on an international level. We strongly believe in building long term artist profiles and developing multiple revenue streams through marketing and promotion. That sets us apart from other companies who focus on the content rather than the content provider i.e. the artist. <br /><br />This philosophy comes from our background and the experience of the [PIAS] Entertainment Group who have been working with performing artists for more than 25 years. Comedy is the new Punk!!