David Joseph

I'm Asian & Indian. Other than that, there isn't anything interesting about me. My birthparents tried to give me their good looks, but lets face it...something...went... wrong. Like most Asians, I'm a very shy, deadpan, laidback, quiet, cool, & calm type of guy which I am 97% of the time and I rarely show emotion. I use Pro Tools HD, WMM, etc. I've been making AMVs since 2001 and I'm still learning how a lot a complex stuff. I mostly forget how to make SE, so it's more...hard for me to remember all of it. The studio I decided to use is V12 Vantage Productions. <br /><br />Animes that I like/use for AMVs: <br />Pokémon 2000 <br />Cardcaptor Sakura <br />Initial D