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Thank you for sharing these! I'm somehow watching these for the first time in 2015 and really enjoying the show. The laptop I use for this is seriously old and unlike other streaming sites, here I can reduce the quality to 480p and watch without losing frames. It's perfect for me, you rock!
2 weeks ago by MisterBenn
Chris Silvey
BSG S1E9 is missing. Could you upload it?
January by Chris Silvey
Ciaran Concannon
Only just decided to give BSG a try and this was the only place I could find it! Thanks so much for the great upload, loving the show. Much much much appreciated!!
Last year by Ciaran Concannon
Thank you for uploading the bsg series. Thank you for your hard work uploading them, I deeply appreciate it.
-carolus holiastanto-
Last year by Carolush