<br /><b>Welcome to nuke-atwt! <br /><br />This is a special Dailymotion channel bringing to you, right from the begining, Luke and Noah's gay storyline from CBS's long running and award-winning American soap opera 'As the World Turns' (ATWT).</b> <br /><br />Luciano "Luke" Snyder (played by Van Hansis) is a long time character who was born and grew up on screen. He was raised by his mother Lily Walsh Snyder and his adoptive father Holden Snyder. Both of Luke's grandmothers - Lucinda Walsh and Emma Snyder - play a big part in the storyline. <br /><br />Luke's biological Italian father, Damian Grimaldi, shows up in Oakdale (the fictional town setting in Illinois) from Malta every few years to cause trouble. <br /><br />When he was still in high school, Luke had a wonderfully written "coming out" story. Thanks to 'MarkDutchViewers' (from YouTube), every scene from that is available here. <br /><br />Noah Mayer (played by Jake Silbermann) came to Oakdale in the summer of 2007. <br /><br />Noah, an army brat raised by his father, Colonel Winston Mayer, faced his own awkward "coming out" story shortly after meeting Luke at a "work experience" job they had together. The rest, as they say, is history... <br /><br />Thanks to 'LukeVanFan' (from YouTube), every "Nuke" (the portmanteaus commonly used by fans of the couple) scene - their relationship, is available here. <br /><br />Enjoy the story, be prepared for lots of nice and bad twists and turns and leave nice comments but please don't ruin the storyline for new viewers by posting spoilers/previews of future episodes. <br /><br />But once again, thanks to the brilliant job done by 'MarkDutchViewers' and 'LukeVanFan' - recording the show, editing out the non-Nuke stuff and uploading it is hard work... Without them (and others like them), us international fans wouldn't have been able to follow this great storyline. <br /><br />* <i>Procter & Gamble produce ATWT for the CBS network:</i> <br /><br />ATWT - <br />CBS -