My mission is three-fold: To explain the goals and aspirations of the New World Order To explain how its implementation will affect the average American citizen and family. To show how families are being influenced now, before we actually move into this system. Armed with this information, you will learn how you can:Protect yourself, your children, your family, your loved ones and friends. How Do I Deliver this Message This web site is dedicated to searching out the news behind the news to provide you with insights which you cannot get anywhere else. Neverknwo provides this unique comprehensive service designed to protect you, your loved ones and your friends. I provide you with this important information and insight in three ways: My primary focus is on your children and your family. I always endeavor to inform you by scaring this pants off of you based on knowledge and fact. I do not believe there is a conspiracy behind every bush, nor do I teach violence in any situation. I teach based on the premise that once you understand the plans of the New World Order, you will be able to see its progress towards completion in the daily news. neverknwo