Murrayfield Music is a Production / Management / Publishing company based in Paris and run by Scottish independent producer/manager Peter Murray.<br /><br />Murray is renowned for having discovered and produced many artists in France, including Les Negresses Vertes, Elmer Food Beat, Zebda, Silmarils, Dolly, Fickle and most recently The Dodoz and Manu.<br /><br />He also managed some of Europe's most prestigious recording facilities such as the world famous Studio du Manoir near Biarritz in the south west of France and the luxurious Capri Digital Studio on the beautiful Isle of Capri in the south of Italy. <br /><br />He was also CEO for GRANDLINK NETWORK, a Luxembourg based technology company where he developed an innovative b2b system using satellite to deliver broadcast quality files to TV and radio.<br /><br />Contact Details <br />MURRAYFIELD FRANCE <br />6 Rue Watteau <br />92400 COURBEVOIE<br />01 43 34 07 69