Geneve, Suisse
After one year in this great site i decided to quite, after one year of uploading, i am stopping uploading so I want to say Thank you all for your support (Like Silentrock06, GR8Ronin, JaYK08, -TheRock-, Akim93...) and maybe one day, i'll be back.



Come Back Dude!
Dm Isn't The Same With Out You!
Il y a 6 ans par Danny
the real kingofkings mohaned good bye man
Il y a 6 ans par JSP
The Great One
eh yo mohaned im sorry i wasnt here when u left but bro i really miss u. i wish u were still here we need u. dude dont forget me man remember i will awlays miss u
c ya bro!!! :):):)
Il y a 6 ans par The Great One
just bring it
i just wanted to thank you for all your videos.
Great job bro:) Thank You
You and i have been here since 2006 and you were always better uploader.
We all in DM hope that you'll be back someday.
Bye buddy.
Il y a 6 ans par just bring it

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