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There are good tricks, and there are bad tricks. I might not be the most skilled magician, but I think I'm a pretty good judge of card tricks. I have posted my favorites, along with explanations of how MOST of these tricks are done. ENJOY!

I keep my tricks and tutorials short and to the point.

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Analicia Honkanen
This trick has definitely worked for me each time I do it. I showed it to my dad who is a computer engineer to try to figure it out. The way you cut and stack the cards makes no difference because they go back into the same pool of cards again. If you lay the cards out and think about it, it makes sense. But when you go to lay them out, it depends on if they are a 2^2 if they will be displayed.
Last year by Analicia Honkanen
Ld Kristoffer Martin
I know how this trick works, it is the Monte Hall probability in card form. Much like with three doors, you're creating a probability stack. However, the trick doesn't always work. I've done it five times now in a row and two of the three times one of my cards showed up in the first set of turnovers. It is heavily dependent on if your cut is even or odd numbered in cards.

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