Rashed M'dini

To see on http://www.allocine.fr/personne/fichepersonne_gen_cpersonne=598654.html programme CV self-taught DIRECT ON-LINE PROGRAMME since 1980, it became one of the leaders of thread of the movements of the end of the 80s of the independent alternative(alternate) cinema, he is the creator with ZARMA PROD of The space Bastille (Epsilon (on 2000)) (Associated) " which(who) serves as springboard has young artists or less young, creates interactive training courses in the metiers of the cinema, this since 1988, To date it is always on the front-scene(-stage) of the new talents with its universe indeed has HE who is made by shade(shadow) and by light, the taste of the expressionism and of the surrealism, about cult films for the cinema enthusiasts, " as four lights (on 1992) "" The evasion ( 1993 ) " " The top ( 1994 ) " " The sid ( 1995 ) " " Strange fruit ( 1989 ), the Failed ( 2008 ), Invited in to dine " Major Actor of 7 eme art " of the WORLD CINEMA FOUNDATION of MARTIN SCORSESE during the Cannes film festival (on 2007 )" in ........ at present he(it) produces quality full-length film and begins has to think has to realize his(her,its) first length metrage On .......... to follow .